Wednesday, October 10, 2007


the ninties was a period maked by popular culture and all kinds of events that where based in this time frame , The pklaces where you can see the main features of culture in general . The things ca varry from field to filed but there are things that can be considerd the zeitgeist of the decade , these things are part of the culture and had become part of it because of the fact that they express the main caracter of that particular moment in time . There are many theories that relate design to some sort of time and space related moment things can be connected because of the general trend that is followed by the society . There are things that are connected to visual culture that influences the visual behaviour of a group . Things tend to go in a direction or anauther because of the way people feel and relate to visual factors as design , fashion and colors in general there can be established some sort of basic rule for designing it althow one must discover thing to make them go in directions that are sometimes trend generators in their own way .
The ninties was a period that had fluctuations in what visual culture means things wary from place to place making them mix later . The media of ninties was full of colours and sunny places in some cases things from the eighites repeated themselfes in the ninities , musique , films , art and outher tipe of things treleted to visula language became imprinted with trhe sprith of the ninties . After getting out in 2000 things started switching in a fast way towards a new tipe of visual and musical tipe of culture that is more and more under the rithm and in balance with technological developments that occur with a fast frequecie and become more and more multilayered and handy for different tipes users . Culture became software oriebted becoming more and more related to this new tipe of media the electronic one . In the same time because of the free sharing of sampeling and mixing software . The spread of this tipe of technology was fast and it happened in a short time . The main areas where the change occured was in the clubbing scene and wekend enetertaiment related events . the DJ became an impoartnt figure that started changeing how people viewed musique .
In the same time things changed in a fast way the electronic and software based culture became more and more important in a public area where tasks that where hand made until recently had become simulated or processed trough the algorithm of the software in use . The shif between the ninties and the begining of the real eletronic age was quite strong more and more people becoming interested in this kind of subject .
The zeithgeist of the ninties passed avay and a new era started the era of electronic musique and clubs that related to it .
Multiple people that are important as cultural trend setters dicovered the general mix that this kind of culture started produceing things became accelerated by the world wide web and mixed by the globalization of things and the intercultural excange that is happening because of the contact between cultures and people in general . In some cases the repeitition of retro based tipe of design became uninteresting things having a new tipe of aura that surrounded some products that where inspired by futuristic tipe of thinking . Products became visualy linked to the future and designers started becoming insipred by themes that are related to biology , genetics and outher tipe of sciences that have a strong relation with the future . In some cases designer or architects started neglecting the values of the time frame in witch they are and started rethinking the design strategy influencing or produceing a new curent in design .

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