Friday, October 12, 2007

Looking at technology .

The future working hubs will integrate things that are happening and resonating write now in the visual and technological frelated cultures . On a social level because of the mixing of population and the intercation between people some things tend to become obivios like the associations that are produced with trends you can spot out from witch culture one is just by looking at the haircut that is because of the haircut that the person has . fashion , accesories hairtrands and all kinds of things like these are more or less speciffic to the way things are thought after . a working hub will be a place where multidisciplinarity will be put at the use of one tipe of outcome . the inhabiters of this tipe of hub will be more or less aware of tpes of cultures of politics and fashion that is generated because of the glodbal tipe of common thinking . The hub will operate on the exterior level trough the work that comes out of it . The inhabiters will have a working function in some cases the language that bonds and makes people comunicate will not have any kind of function anymore things becoming encoded in trend and tipe of waves transmited in the moment when one person from the work place will start sharing sounds or visual scapes with people around . This tipe of sharing will be the way people will forme some sort of personal opinion about the new person the joined the grup or that is part of the grup in this way beeing more easy to expres the frame of tipe of visual related things . This tipe of sharing things will be made circles wise becoming some sort of sharing moment of the day . Trough the same process we will be able to update and to make things more or less explicit for the people around . this tipe of output of information will become a way trugh anyone will start creating visual and audio scapes that can "replace the normal tipe of party Dj and Vj's . The first improvemet in this industrie will be the inprovement generated trough a new tipe of software attached to the normal djiing tipe of software . The things will be connecetd trough . From anauter tipe of direction things will not look so pluged and cabled as thay look wright now because of the main console at witch people are connected at this moment . in many cases Dj ing and Vjing require some sort of combination between two tipes of consoles thet prodce a atmosfere rithm together . The two consoles will belnd together at one point allowing trough the smae apparature the same indiviual to give sound /visual scape to the people . This kind of tecnology will requite all time transportation between the points where things will be made . an hypothesis in the fact that maybe oneself will have to travel and bring this tipe of technology from one place to anouhter because of the facts related to this new tipe of language that will have nothing to do with normal comunication . This will become a sort of ritualc way of looking to someone that presents their thoughts to the rest of the world by using technology . This kind of editing will become vital because the oryginality of the artist behind will be seen from the way thing are edited . The material will be abundent because of all the world wide web that offers hubs and sharing sites from witch everyone can download material for the use . this kind of tipe of editing will embed that person's way of seeing the surroundings and putting them into this new tipe of comunicational visual language .
This tipe of comunication will make things differentiate in the way society will look , There will be no more need for language things will change as ordeing becoming more strict as a way of appearing and as social eficiency .

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