Monday, October 1, 2007

Andy mates

The Andy mate concept started from the famous artist Andy Warhol who had a passion for eating his dinner in front of his Television set . In the 60 ‘ties television sets where not so widely spread as in today’s world and information was more compact the main way of information circulation was the publishing system , magazines and news papers where the main carriers of information .
The television appeared and what happened was moving image and all kinds of interactive programes that become more and more attractive especially for the artistic eye of Andy Warhol who declared that after buying his firs Television-set he started not being so interested in relationships he was more interested in his Television-sets and the programes that where on and behind the glass border . Was this quote part of Andy’s will to be a machine that analyzes the exterior world that surrounds him trough the window that was the Television set ? or was this just a human normal behaviour developed around a common activity , This was his response to the reality provided by the television set and a way o stayng in touch with the world . I think that he was wright on a certain level because sometimes watching television or staying at the computer and havind dinner or a snack can be quite satisfying . At one point Andy tried to develop a chain of restaurants that had boxes with television sets that in witch you can enter and serve lunch or dinner , in this way you could have a quiet dinner with your television set and enjoy the programs offerd by television . Interesting ideea especially if we look at it from an artistic point of view in witch the box with the television set table and chair can be seen as an installation that connects two world in one place trough an daily activity the activity of eating ; from anauther perspective this kind of box tipe ideea implemented in a restaurant space could produce quite an interesting result both architecturally and artistically in both cases the normal person that comes to this kind of restaurant would seek intimacy wuith the television set for the short time provided by the lunch break or dinner time . The restaurant space would be completely transformed and the space would have inside rows of boxes that contain televisions and eating tables ; the boxes are meant to accommodate only one person at the time so the exiprience is intimate , the bound between the person that eats and the television set is an intimate one . In the same time Andy gave the people that would share the same social activity the name of Andy mates that where persons that had this kind os social activity included in their lifestyles .
The Andy mate concept was never put in practice but and maybe it could have been successful because of the superficiality that this method of having dinner implies , caracteristical to Warhol this way of having dinner is completely individualistic in a way superficial and sefleducational way trough the television culture that became in the meanwhile more and more important and embraced by the popular culture . Trying to be more contemporary in thinking Warhol was quite avantguarde in what he was saying and thinking he started seeing the television set as a transmitor f human behaviour and social desire , more and more people and society ie educated trough the television set that had had become part of hour daily life , television being the place from where we get hour news , documentayes , daily dramas , movies and all kind of facts related to world ; so Warhol’s concept of having a break from the real and eating with a machine with witch you do not have to socialize , behave or exchange any kind of information , just to have dinner or lunch and look at the images and being connected for a short while to anauther world is an not soo updated concept . This kind of ideea would work in today’s world too and in some cases people would enjoy having dinner with a media unit like the television set is .
No socializing , no talking no converstional effort , just food and moving images .

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