Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fitting in

The ninties whare about color and musical hits that seem quite far if I look at them now , these media tipe of things where put over soemkind of new transitional economical sistem trough witch Romania went in the nintyes , everyone discovered the marveleous world of capitalisma and private enterprises and started makind buissnies that took forward the romania lifestisle . in this mixedup place I grew up and now finding mysel in a new tipe of society I sometimes I feel that I'm dragged away from what is happening in the presend because of the reinterpretation of the ninteyes that is happening . At one poit things just drifted awai in a strage direction and started taking the shape two directions , the electronic direction in witch things are heading anyway and the outer direction the direction of the reinterpretation of things . these seemed the only directions that can be the option of things but I discovered thta there are places that mixed things related to what the electronic age means . this moment made me rethink where things might fit in . This tipe of media offered me a new way of looking at things a way in witch things can be redesigned and put in a new time frame without altering theyr content . The content is in some sort of connection with the whole picture that is presented there is this need of linking the things from the begining of the process trough the whole process .This is the reason that there is no connection between the media culture of the ninties with the new media oriented culture of the 2000 . A lot of things that whare part of the television based culture changed and became interactive trough the use of the world wide web . thing are moving onnline and are becoming more functional on a level . Interactivity is becoming the blend between the promised virtual world and the interconectivity that the net promises.
This tipe of transgresion from one medium to anauther mafde things shift culturaly things are not related anymore only to the posibility of transmiting information trough the normal way that television had done . The fact that the medium changed made possible a new way of structuring information at a new level . Information became databased , structured and had a new tipe of visual interface that allowed people at one degree to divide it or to send things in all tipes of new formats . at this point you realise that thinghs can not be changed anymore the discrepance between the media and visual culture of the ninteys and the culture that is related to electronic media of the new decade . The shift had become real and is become a question of seeing things with a new glance and a new understanding of knoledge and interconectivity that the world wide web brings .

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