Saturday, October 6, 2007

One year experience

Moving to Amsterdam is more than an expirience , I moved one year ago in the nederlands beeing more specific in Amsterdam acity famous fro its tolerance towards drugs , and prostitution. At first sight Amsterdam is a chaotic enviroment that has to be explored the "hard" way to be fully discovered . In the middle of the day the central streets are invaded with people , from toursts to local people from shoppers to junkies all kinds places that are situated on the street level are full of people that have daily activities . You can see lost people , people that are in a hurry , stoned people , serious people , it's a spectacle just to stay on the street and to watch the flux of tourists that are walking around and admire the city . Amsterdam as population is quite small comparing it with other European cities but in the same time is quite cosmopolite in the event related area . The big cultural scene , the high density of many cultures in one place ( the area that surrounds Amsterdam and goes to the north is called the holocore ) make this city a strong cultural pole and in the same time a cosmopolite city . The desity of cultures bigger here than in New York that is a renoved place for its cultural landskape , makes thins extremely divers and sometimes chaotic . you can find a broad range of things and products that come from allaround the globe and are connected to all kinds of cultures . In this kind of city where cultures are mixed and small traditions are put together with a cosmopolite attitude comunication has an important place and effect . The way people are expressing themselves is more accentuated than in a place where the population is homogen both as a nation and as a race . This kind of way of expressing oneself generates in a lot of times an strange or interesting image that can wary from one individula to anauther . Here the accent that is put on the trend is much more big than in other places , fashion is not just" wheareble stuff , its a form of comunication between people . In the same category enters the place where you go out , the musique that you lissen and party on , these kind of things have a different importance in a city where you ca easily lose your identity and yourself in the multidiverse field of possibilities . So basicaly all these elements define who you are and give you for the outside eye a sort of identity that is important in order to transmit faster the information that defines you .
These elements are part of a comunicational language and are important in an enviroment that inevitably reshapes you as an individual .After a while people that are new to this tipe of mixed culture start understanding the importance of things related to this tipe of comunicational language . When I moved to this place my expectations were quite different from what I got . I was expecting a country that was purely dutch but things where different , I arrived and moved from one place to anauthere until I started living on a boat that was transformed in a student facility , On the boat each cabin was transformed in a individual room that was accomodateing a student . There where four decks and full of international students
comming from Europe , Germany , Austria, Latvia, France ,Spain, Hungary and The Nederlands . After a short wile I started seeing the boat as a metaphor for the Nederlands, parts of The Nederlands are "floating" on the water like boats and in the same time there was the same social mix like in the rest of the city (offcorse on a different scale ) . The first reaction that I had was to isolate myself from the rest and to start thinking about what is happening . After a short while I realized that things are not that bad and that I am in an international enviroment and as a strategy I have to find some common points between me and the people with witch I will become friends . So I started searching after comon elemets that can solve the situaltion , language was simple english come handy , after that musique , culture, history and outher things like that made out of me a social being again . i became freinds with people from france , Austria , Germany ,Hungary and the Nederlands .The metaphorical boat was opening for me and things started functioning in an interesting way . After a short wile I realized that my metod was not verry original outer people had the same strategy and they tried to make the same steps as me so things blended in a sort of direction.I became accoustomed with the fact that globalization and international enviromets are quite real and that people from different parts of the world with different cultural backrounds can be together under one roof .At first i felt small and with no signifiance but after a short wile I started to awake from this state and started comunicateing with my fellow students . I became opened with people that where from totaly different places .
So comming from a coplete homogenius society ans "culture" as race as skin colour and outer elements that bond a population together i found myself back to zero in a place where everyone is different and has a different language and skin color ; things tend to have a different persective . This place made the gap( that had allready been there) between me and my home culture to become bigger . Things starte to break and you sudently realize that the place from where you come is enclosed both mentaly and "culturaly" . You start asking yourself why people back home are labeling someone after the way that he or she is dressed and why diversity in the truth meaning of the word in not accepted or not even understood . You try to understand this but it takes to much effort and things remain in the form of a gap . On anouther level i realize that I was born in the last comunistic period that was in the same time the most gray period after that I rememberd the week in the revolution time when I was running and hyding with my family from the secret service the fall of the dictator , fredom , the first tripp abroad when I saw the first time cocacola and fanta in metal cans , economical" transition" , capitalism ? and now , part of an international enviroment . At one point i started seeing myself without identity and I became a sort of an observer marveling because of the diversity with witch I was confronted . Things started from scratch and I started searching for new musique , interesting places and with the desire to expand my mind and my thoughts . The world became a new place in every seccond . A loty of things change when you find yourself in this kind of enviroment , things become surreal one one hand and extremely diverse one the outer . One year of moving from one place to anauther beeing nomad in a place where there is a big mixture of races made me think about things that where not connected to pervious things . The difference betwen me and my home place became more and more accentuated on a certain level . After you start adapting to the thigs that surrounds you and to the people that surround you change your sight and eyes with witch you see the world , the surrounding universe becoming a layered place with a multicultural flavour that can change you in a lot of ways; until you ask yourself questions related to identity and in the same time you become a mix of themes , images , patterns , desires , directions , moods , places and characters , you are part of the movie called globalization.

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