Saturday, September 8, 2007

What is Imersion ?

More and more we are confronted in our daily licves with the so called imersion phenomenon , What is imersion and at what is is used ? Imersion can be the work stile that you adopt or the way you make an action because before dooing that action you have to be imerse yourself in the state of dooing that action .
In the same time the contemporary tools for comunication and for creeation , the main platform , the computer is more and more designed as a imersion gaget that you connect to your body and imerese yourself in the world of the virtual . The material is replaced by the virtual the computer screens becoming " windows to the world " , this quote raises a question about what the worl realy is , Is the world just the way we expiriece things trough movement ,socialization , sharing and feelings or is the world a row of information that you learn to read and process since you are a child . Humans have the ability to assimilate information all their lives so basicaly you laear al your live . The world is becomming more and more divided between pure informnation in abundance with witch you are bombarded by society , so your mind is pulled betveen all kinds of things and you start asking yourself if you really need all the thing that come right at you and bavard you at one level .
Sometimes we are imeresed without knowing by that I mean the feeling of liberation that you have when goeing in a vacantion you feel free of daily constraints even if you enjoy your job . Imersion is in teh same time a language generating activity .
Imersion has temporality and is a state of mind in the same time using resource that the body or the brain produce .
Imersion is everywhere and as a socila observer you can easily see when immersion is produced in a field of interess .
Marshall Macluhan was talking about imersion in his works but in an objective way . He had theory related to the medium and saw technolugical developements as extensions of the body for example the mouse extension of the human hand ; so my question comes related to imersion , isn't imersion an extension of the intelect because our brain tries to find all the time an imersive activity witch we enjoy.

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