Sunday, September 9, 2007

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Four hours ago i opened the yahoo messenger and a messenger friend had on his status display the name of a song ..i did not knew that so i asked him what's with your status and he answerd me back " it's the name of a song , what you do not know it ?"
that was the moment that i realized that it is importatt to make a post about media and media content in different parts of the EU ; with media I understand the broadkast that is happening in an area of the world usualy this kind of broadkast is related to language questions and identity . From here we can start arguiung about identity and what is identity . I think that at this point identity is seen trough the lens of globalization and identity becomes at one point a sort of trend why i say that is because the acceleration of the culture that is happening because of globalization and outher factors . The rifts between generations are becoming bigger and bigger making comunication possible under the form of events , fashion , musique and outher things related to trends in general . media is a broad thing that is happeneing all over the place becoming part of our daily lives , it is happening everiwhere and information has a fast flow and it is different from place to place this taking me back top the question related to the track that i did not know and that has a short of popularity in that specific place . media is not a compicated thing it is a thing related to the brokasting of an event , news politics or what ever . The media is in the same time in a short of a transition process because of the shift that is happening from television to you tube and google video that are the new transmition sistems , the computer becoming instrument with dual purpose because of the abiliti to upload that the former set of television did not had . You can consume information and distribute information in with the same instrument .The acceleration that the use of this kind of instrument made is changing and reshaping society at a certain level . For example the fact that computers are more and more part of our lives is making phenomenons such as fashion of outher cultural and estetic facts to be radicaly transformed . Techoseduction is having a bigger and bigger apeal to the mases , an urban person is becoming more and more interestde about what kind of coputer cover should he buy or what is the latest tipe of Ipod .
Instead of the magasines that were until now full of models with perfect skin and outher features of this kind , the magazine market started to have in the last 8 years a strong magazine marked directed towards the virtual realm more exactly the gaming market and magazines that report on how technology affects society and on what level .
So media is in a sort of change im shore about that from the moment that I started my studyes in Amsterdam . At the art academie where I study I met a guy that was somehow part of the underground art life of Amsterdam he was an inteligent person that had a friday small radio show one of his main passions was musique ; one of his projects was related to television he tried to launch a website dedicated to the history of television It was quite an interestin subject that remained on a project level . His plan was too inprove the Radio Ritveld a school Radio and to launch a web televison chanel , he had anuther project that was quite interesting , a simple webpage with a music layer and some photos that whwre connected to the undergound scene , and was called" reports from the undergound " It was a way of events transmission to the "big " public that is interested in one way or anauther in the undergound squatting scene or in the underground lifestile musique or tipes of art generated by this enviroment . I consider that his projects where quite interesting first of all becasue what he did was a sort of self generatde media in a way , he was the person that made the decisions connected to posting and distribution of information that came out from the undergound musique scene . Anauther thing that he made was related to performance especialey performance with cheap computer and electronic gadgets . One of his performance was held at Overtom 301 a subcultural squad from Amsterdam "no culture without subculture" . The performance was more of a soundscape with some visuals . The artsist that where part of the performance where mostly in some sort of noise musique field ; the norwegian duo called Bjerga/Iversen explored trough their performence the grey areas of "ghost sounds" af the experimetal drone , the performance was largely improvised but this was the main fact that made it interesting , the second duo formed out from radboud mens (visuals) and Matthijs Vincent Krouw performed microsounds clicks 'n ' cuts and intervined in nonritmic sound pieces that vary from soundscapes , drones microsounds , to minimal techno, Michael Beijer the artist that I was talking about presedted In said City an interesting instalation bouth visual and audio that consisted of drones noise and cheap casio keyboard and high frequecy experiments .
Interseting night with people that enjoy this kind of tipe of event . the performance was more of a general imersion in ourselfes and in the soudscape that was produced by the artists each one of them with theyr own rythm and style .
i do not think about It as an adstarct experimet , It was made , generated with a purpose and It had a clear direction . The ambiance was quiet and dark witch enhaced the mental comunication between the individuals that participated at the event .
Norwegian duo exploring the grey areas or "ghost sounds" of the
experimental drone. Largely based on improvisation the duo has been
exploring dense but somehow calm fields of sound both live and in the

Microsound, clicks 'n cuts, and noise are intertwined in rhythmic
and non-rhythmic pieces, which vary from soundscapes that use
microscopic particles to drones and minimal techno.

A performance of "In Said City", an illustrated book accompanied by a
soundtrack that consists of drones, noise, a cheap Casio keyboard and
high frequency experiments.

Collective of sound and video artists that attempts to create
isomorphisms of sound and vision. Persistent cross- fertilizations of
these realms are established in a live set which will emphasise
improvisation and the intertwining of sight and sound.

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