Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Minimal living

Minimal living , sometimes I ask myself about the way a future house or a future lifestile will be and one of the major conclusions that I always get is that things tend in one form or anauther to go towards somekind of minimal design; starting from the bottom there is no more need for fancy carpets and strong decoration things are blending in a sort of one lifestile in a way , we are living in a global world new and culture is becoming more and more homogene , people are starting to consume the same products and start to have the same aspiration.the min imal approach to things is quite logic , for example in my personal case and in the age of digital informationa is becoming more and more important to have space a lot of things tend to become after a while just stuff that you start putting and depositing in different places . The importance of space and lght in the place where you live and work is more and more important because of the need of movement. What is interesting and becoming more and more of a reality is the fact that a lot of things that are used in an office situation are becoming digitized because of technology and the way we can stock information , so this phenomenon will have a strong impact on the way things look and develop in our daily lives . Maybe we will not see the mutations on a great scale or in popular culture , maybe things will evolve from up to down or reverse , starting as an experiment or as a sustainable design solution related environmental problems .
I see the house of tomorrow as a minimal place with a strong technological part that improves the man machine functions and the general ergonomics of the house or the office . from voice activated commands to wireless networks that go trough the house Lcd monitors that improve the information flow are the new decorations of the future living and working .

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