Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What is content ?

Sometimes I"m faced with the word content and content management . What is content ?and what is content management .
First content can be found in different places and camn have different puropses the for example the content of an art work can be the the non-physical trace that that work of art can produce content can be a reflection of things can be the reaction that is produced in the public's eye or mind . Content can be the inner space of a book or one's channel broadcast for one week content is transmitted from a transmitter to a reciver content can be message and question . Content can be quantitative and just a dot it depends on the content provider and the tipe of reciver . Content is inside but it influence everything that is outside the shell makes the difference . Content can generate form bu can not shape things . Content can generate and be generated by the shell .
Content can be chaotic, linear or structured .
Content can be advertising and essay .

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