Monday, September 10, 2007

Branding moment

Together with some former coleaguse from the architecture school where I had previously studied we started a project that has the main theme connected to city branding .
this ideea is quire up to date and the reason why I'm saing his is because this year some of the world architecture bienalles had this subject , related to the purpose of a city . Why branding the city , because every city has some sort of identity and that makes that city on an international or national level be known in a sort of way , what are the fetures that describe the city an that together can offer an perspective view on the main activities of one entity .
every brand has some main features , related to quality image group of people that are interconected by that brand , preferece etc. A brand related to the image of one city can be discussed under the same criterials but on a different level because of the fact that now we are dealing ith population and not with some sort of product . So the city as a brand ideea has to express the comune couciousness of the population of that city at a moment in time . It has to express in the same time that all cultural products that are comming out of that city are at one level marqued by the fact that they whwre formed there out of the vernacular of the city . The brand has to have some appeal to the people in general and to the outher visitors ( turists) that come to visit the city , the brand becoming after a while a simbol for that city , and in many cases can be so apealing that it can gat an iconic statuls like tha I love NY campaign and logo by Milton Glaser , a logo that resists in time without the need of being changed or modified in time , but that is a popular campaighn with a strng impact because of New York city .
In outher cases cityes are branded trough movies and because of the movie industrie that in many cases without intention defines in the viewer counciosness the waqy that city is and what is its purpose for example Zurich that is almoust all the time choose for the fact that is related to banking .
there are many main fetures that define a city but in the same time when building a campaign like this it is verry important to be careful about the way things can go and what direction can they have after such a campaign .
so branding can be an important event for a city and for the rest of the climate , all kind of forces are contributing to the final image , poliyical forces , economical , personal ,cultural and historical forces that shape the brand. This is one direction in witch the things cand be seen and developed , anauther way of looking at this process or transforamation is the way in witch you "erase" the past and make a brand from scratch defining the image of that city or that place at the time beeing , this kind of operation can affect the city in two ways it can make the citizentz of the city rethink their own identity and give a direction to the future of that city , A siple gesture and a simple process like the process of branding can make a big difference in the way that city evolves and the tursts and outher travelers can see the city .

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