Monday, September 3, 2007

Reality check

What is the borther between architecture and film ? Is ther a thin line that divides the two of them is architectre connected to film and in what way , both of them imply a phisical factor that is thae factor of movement architecture for the body is dynamic ( we have to move to see architecture ) film is the reverse ( you can enjoy a movie by beeing static ) , but in one case the and this is the case of the Office for metropolitan architecture led by Rem Koolhaas this thin line is crossed , the proposition that was made for the Rak gateway in the UAE united arab emirates has a strong resemblace with the Star Wars Death Star Base , is this an architectural gesture , a statement or is a functional project . The "Death Star " is just a small part of the complex that was proposed , actualy it is a new city in this part of the word where trade is still a major economic driver .
I think that a good explanation to this king of architectural aproach is the fact that mr. Koolhaas studied before architecture scriptwriting so he was in contact with the movie industrie and anauther thing that can produce an aproach like this is the fact that in the past few years stating form the end of the nintyes a lot of the visual disciplines started blending , we can see industrial designers that produce fashion , we see fashion designers that apply for theyr collections movie scripting ideeas we can see architects that are making sculptures designers that are making video instalations and artist that are making film and architecture .
So as a conlusion to this I think that in the future we will not talk anymore about designers or architects but we will talk about people that are impyed in a creative proces and that are using different mediums to reach the final stage of the concept with wich they begun .

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