Thursday, September 6, 2007


At a mediamatic workshop in witch I particpated some time ago I was confronted the task of making a scenario about the future and the blending of the cyberspace and the real world , tagging and speded up comunication networks .
The end result of the workshop was not a scenario but mor of an three day team generated solution to the ideea of tagging things and making them function in a logical and structured way .
before the workshop I started thinking about a future scenario , and my ideea was started as a sciencefiction movie , first I had in my mind robots cyborgs and virtual reality chat rooms urban landscapes and interesting architecture (bit surrealist) .
Anyway i think that the place where I should start to think about the interaction between the virtual real and the real world is from a personal and individual level , by that I mean what is the change that will happen in society from the individual that has acces to this kind of tool because internet and the cyberspace are in the first place tools for comunication . So i started thinking about a possible future ; my conclusion was not a classic one in witch we will all be conected to some sort of matrix or to some sort of virtual platform , I do not think that virtual space will be an option in the near future , i think that first allready the technology and the blending of comunication services is enough i do not think that there is a need for virtual reality . The onnline services that will evolve in the near future i think are related to health , banking and virtual markets . I see the blending of the two worlds not totaly virtual .
Some major transformations will ocur in the way that we deal with all kinds of services , The first major transformation will occur in the way we can self maintain ourseklfes with the avalieble information . Anauther change is the digitalization of the information and the fact that the things will move slowly on the web and in virtual libraries so things will get simplified . Tags will take over things and they will replace the normal barcode inscription of products : maybe the world will look a little bit more utopic on a certain social and infrastructural level .
Utopic can mean or a singular view of things that is dangerous because of the totalitarian way things can change or it will be utopic from a personal side of the things , technology pushing the interhuman relations on a new level; that is more of a colaboration between man and machine or man and technology for a new social ordering generated by these technological improvements .
hope that I did not jump from one Ideea to anauther and maybe a visual context could expalin better what future could look like because of the creation of this paralel informational universe of the virtual world .
Anauther interesting fact is what mr Philipp K Dick said about technology in general , The more we have the more we go backwords on the chain of natural evolution maybe technology will take us in a new stone age structured society

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