Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Death of culture and software culture

Culture is a word with witch I'm confronted in my study field quite often , what is culture where is the border between culture and identity what , words like locla or traditional culture universal culture , mainstream culture and outher variations on the same theme are in my everyday thoughts . When I started studiing architecture I saw culture as a new source of information and ways of making links betveen history events , politics art and live , goeing to school and meeting teachers that used a new kind of language i started seeing the things in a new way and I becomed as time has passed more and more critical on the word in witch I had lived because of the lack of the culture that was clearly visible .
After cooming to holland where there is a mix of cultures and Art is placed on a High level of the society ( the artist functions like an antena reciving and translating into his works what he assimilates and what he sees happening in the society ) I started asking myself questions about the real value of culture and the bagage of information that i had to assimilate in the architecture school where patterns from the modernist architecture and from the avatgardes from the beginning of the century where highly praised . Art has the role of making people think and comunicate on a new level but do people really understand the works from the museums ? . As a famous designer said from a point of view every generation has to put a sort f speed on the culture so that leads me to a conclusion , that makes me think about the fact that it is important on a level to start deciding what kind of information is valuabel for me on a individual level . So maybe I do not need in today's world to know or to depend on the opinion of one person that "has culture" I think that much more important is the new media culture and the software culture that had emerged in the last few years comming from a cuntry that after the 89 revolution ( before comunism was the sistem that lead all activityes ) and goeing trough 15 years of transition and two years where I started understanding what culture should be . In today's world everybody has unlimited acces to culture because of things like wikipedia and outher enciclopedias , that makes me wonder about the value of culture , is that important to be a cult person or is more important to chose what kind of information is useful .
Anyway culture as we know it is replaced by visual culture ( the culture of fashion , art , photography and stllyzed and idealized worlds of the visual industrie ) and by the software culture that thakes over , we are working m,ore and more from our computers phenomenon that gave birth to "the language of the new media" and to culture relatde to the internet and the open source policye of goolge and outher major companies in the virtual realm .
So software culture is taking over the normal way of seeing things . Maybe it is sometimes better to be a superficial about a problem and not to go to deep into it maybe it is more imprtant to go from A to B on the shortest way and uniting these points . In the real world that is ruled by corporations in a lot of cases this king of relating two points is in the favour of the company or the buissnies . In a visual culture ethics are replaced by aestetics and visual dominates the world maybe words are replaced with images that send the message in a faster and ore compact way to the person that wants to recive then , The consumerist society does not have time for culture sometimes because it is dominated by trend setters , cool hunters , brends , companyes , lifestyles , useful information , unuseful information , consulancy angencies that promise you improvement in every tipe of field .

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