Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Implants and tags

Is it important to know where things realy are , what if we would live in a world that has everything marked and attached to some sort of virtual map ? It is an attractive idea to give an ID to every object that is part of the part of the real . This kind of process trough witch you mark with an Id that functions in the virtual world objects from the real world is called tagging . Tagging can be quite useful in the everyday live in this way you can mark a number of ogjects and give them real internet IP adreses and place them on the net , what else you can do is read them , every object that has attached to it a tag can be read with a reader and that is an important next step because this kind of making af an object ca be quite helpful in a comercuial world where things have to be priced and read in a fast way . Tagging was an ideea that developed under Bruce Sterling an American science fiction writer , deign critic and theorist that is part of the cyberpunk 80es movement .
Tagging is an invention that is related to design because of the ability of the readers to be read by anauther device that has a reader and because of the future that these kind of tagging devices promise . They function with an Rfid tipe of thag that is a low frecvecie radio emitter so they function on the base of radio waves . Ther was a conference at witch Bruce Starrling had a speech and at that cinference all the participants have been tagged and ID ‘d with and Ip number so they had an avatar couterpart . The thing is that this kind of sintem on a more veloluted shale coul easily work as an implant under the skin and it could monitor all kinds of activities related to the body and to the movement of one person . Anauther tipe of objec t tagging is geo tagging that can offer a three dimensional view of the placement of an object in the space one of the questions that appear is why do we need this kind of tagging and all these informations about one simple object ?
The answer to the question is simple for positioning and for reading one or multiple objects , products, you name it from the same class , In this way you can know for sure what is the place of the place of one object and where can be found in a maze of objects .
. In the same time in this way you can individualize all the objects from the same cathegory making theyr avatars different even if they belong to the same class of objects . the cobination of the way in witch tags can be used is multiple what is an interesting scenario is the way it would functionon a small sized schale and how it ould work under the form of an implant or a microchip attached to the human body . this could be a live and social revolution because of the use of this kind of technology we could know about eachouther and in the same time hav a continuous virtual avatar on the internet that is coonected to our daily life all the time making communication more easy . It would function as an “I’m mobile function| from the commune yahoo messenger we would be connected all the time to some sort of online system . Off coures that from this level question related to the private public relationship start to pop out plus the way we can be traced all the time by anauther person , It is a vicious circle that seems that has no exit but goeing straight .
Small things can sometimes make differece between things but an optimistic view over the things can come from the use of the mobile phone that we carry all the time with us and that had become in the last few years part of our daily life , scepticisma was related to the use of phones but after some time people stated being abapted to them and facet the change that this kind of technology brought .

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