Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I love techno

In an earlier post I talked about the electronic musique culture from Holland and Belgium , about the I love techno festival from Gent thet is one of the areas most expected festival each year , famous names like Ellen Alien from berlin and apparat , Dr lektroluv and outhers gather for a a short but intense peroid of time in Gent a city close to Amsterdam . It is a crazy festival lost of crazy techno and lots of crazy clotes and people in different coloured rooms . What is interesting about it is the fact that last semester I had participated at a lecture in the Overtoom 301 http://squat.net/overtoom301/pages/home.html from Amsterdam about the so called Techno-Genessis, a lecture that followed and studied the technological advaces that had happende from the beginning of the 90'es until our days . The main ideea of the presentation was related related to the "technological primordial soup " in witch we are situated today as society , all the hyperlinks that had emerged with the invetion of the mobile phone everything speded up in a way and the impact on our lives is quite strong . Tons of services related to the mobile phone industrie had emerged after a short period after the mobile phone was launched ; and as a Ideea this is the first step we entered in teh mnew milenium with sms , mms and digital cameras and internet . Some companyes are triing to blend all the things is one gaget with witch a broad range of styles of comunication is possible . A lot of fields as advertising , photography and social networking started to fell the full campacitie of this tipe of blending between powerful tehnologies and sevices that are attached to them . In the same time our brain has to find new ways to filter information because of the overload of information with witch we are everyday bombarded . On a different level advertising and outher marketing tools are moving from the tv sets and the street level to the comunication field and are mutated more and more by new technologies , in this way postmodern teories are becomming more and more real years after theyr apperance . A lot of things are becoming polivalent and an a day to day basis the normal individual is required to have multiple opinions in different cultural fields .Every individual can be reached with this kind of technology . In japan for example the mobile phone technology changes the way people shop in everyday life . the shopping system became speded up by the fact that the mobile phones like Nokia have attached and embleded rfid reader that can read things that are tagged and trough a software systam can make the payment for different products from the market . This kind of way of paymernt links the banking sistel with the mobile and rfid products making shopping a more personal and individual expirience .
These are a few examples related to general things and sometimes common thaings that can make a difference .
Some quotes that can be mentioned in a context laike this are teh words of the media theorist Marshall Macluhan that said about adverising that is the" cave art" of the twenty first century and at the present is the gratest art form theory that was proven for a short perid of time by Andy Warhol's aproach to art and high life .

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