Saturday, September 8, 2007

Computer Games

Two main reasons for this post , the firs is the frustration that i felt when I tried to make an essay about new media and the gamers comunityes that are getting bigger and bigger around the world , and the seccond reason is because of the computer games and free accessible information .
The palce where the virtual reality is real is in the computrer clubs and gamers comunities from all around the world , personaly i had cntact for one summer with counter strike that is a #d shooter game witch can be quite real with simple rules and simple teams ( actualy two of them) . in the rest there are strategy games and all kind of outher games related to different subjects . what is inetresting about it is the fact that a lot of students , kids and outher people can get addicted to them because of theyr real phisics, weapons and mission complexity . Anauther example is a person frm Bucharest that was living by playnig the a strategy game where he acumulated points and bought weapons of different kinds just to sell them afterwards on the ebay for real money , interesting job.. more of a lifestyle maybe .. anauther addiction can be caused by internet and by the need of having fresh information on a daily basis . This will eventualy change the world in witch we live generateing a translation between an consumer based society to a society that has consumers of information as Philipp K Dick called the new tipe consumers, prosumers ) . On a different level this kind of games can blend two main addictive incredinets lice the onnline gaming comunity with witch you get accustomed beside the rules of the game . the latest game on the market that is quite popular is called Second life launched in 2003 is a 3d world entrirely bult by the virtual inhabitants , at this moment the game has 9. 376.628 inhabitants . In this completly virtualy generated world where there is virtal money and even a kind of exchange sistem between the real money and the virtual ones , talking about money I will switch from games and virtual world to the reality in witch we live ; almoust tree mounts ago there was a conference held in Amsterdam realted to the future of money in a world where things tend to change even some of the most powerful bussnies man in the world start talking about the digital age and things retated to comunication and the world wide web . Goeing back to the gamers comunities that are becoming more and more big in some cases people prefering the virtual instead of the real
maybe is an escape that the virtual offers your own utopic enviroment in witch you can do what you want guided only by rules of the game or the reality in witch you find yourself .
So with an gaming comunity increasing each year more and more people using virtual enviroments as a mean to relax makes this a strong phenomenon , the gaming comunities can be considered fom a p[oit of view a subculture vith rules of its own and virtual gaming popstars , members that have extra skils and that have a good talent at plaiyng are verry known in the virtual comunities . A lot of people that are in this kind o situation and that are spending a big ammout of time in this kind of realyties have interesting life styles trans=fiorming theyr own natural urban stlyle habitat in a sort of new enviroment that is visualy linked to the game or to the virtual reality in witch they spend their time . So it becomes just a mettre of time until these kind of subcultures will become a normal trend our daily life .

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