Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Philosophical connexions

Sometimes I ask myself if philosophy is really usefull , Is itreally that important to have some sort of philosophical approach to things or to a subject in debate . In this case the things can be divided easily in two directions , the first direction is a complete rational one that does not imply any kind of philosophical discourse , in this approach there are only two constants , the first one is the set of rules on witch the system is based , the outher things are related to the way things happen and can be put and judged trough the rational rules dominated system . In many cases philosophy can be quite useful making connexions between themes ond all kinds of themes that are related to different subjects like order disorder society , teaching , etc .
In many cases philosophy is related to all kinds of subjects like film , architecture , art and outher mediums , philosophy becoming more or less a filter trough things have to pass in order to aquire some sort of conceptual purity as ideas . Many architectural ideas have a strong philosophical related backround that is more or less the fundamnet of the concept , but in some cases the philosophical current that is present in time is the main ideea generator .
In the film world the things are the same on some sort of level philosophical points of view are used in one way or anauther in the film world , for example the Lynch movies are exploring this kind of concepts on a strong level making interesting relations between characters and concepts related to time space and life .
So philosphy can be a backround or some sort of starting place for subjects concearning creativity or the creative realm .This "definition" takes me to anauther ideea about the relation between philosophy and artistic mediums that in the same time watching the problem backwords philosophi cretes somekind of interaction ground for the outher cretive realms .
The purpose of philosophy in some cases is questionable , sometimes a non philosophical aproach to things in general can be more efective than an philosophical based strategy of making things happen .
in the same time philosophi went trough a lot of stages developing trough ages . Anauther thing that is important and strong related to philosophy is politics and cultural movements that are implied in the process .
An a different level is can philosophy be concept in the same time can a philosophical way of seeing things be in the same time ideea and explanation for an end result . In this case things tend to linkthemselfes one by one .
In our days there are multiple ways of looking at things subjectivity and objectivity beeing words and concepts that are in musch of a debate . The outher side of things is related to the postmodern way of looking at the world ; by that i mean a radial way of looking at things ( you can look at one object from multiple radial points or positions )
The main conclusion that can be drawn is the fact that culture is becoming homogene multiple layers that did not had any connexions are becoming more and more related and conected by all kind of elements that where invisible until now , multidisciplinarity is becoming more and more important .

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