Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Minority Report

not all the time science fiction movies are totaly the product of our imagination . Sometimes directors that make such movies hire a consultancy office that predicts social and technological advancements in the furure to make the movie strongy real in the reality from tomorrow .
Such an exampel is teh movie Minority report feturing Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Spilberg . The movie was made after a book of the science ficition writer Philipp K Dick ( Blade Runner , A scanner Darkly ) a controversial figure in the science fiction comunities .
The movie crew hired a consultacy office that had the job of predicting how the world will look in the year 2054 , what will the technologies will be , how will the city look like and how the urban will feel .
The movie has some interesting concepts regarding the ideea of the city of the future . the advertising sistem is more personal ( retina scanning sistems at every corner ) cars travel on vertical highways on super structures everythings looks more ergonomic and tactile ( design related subject ) . The Police is replaced by a sistem that guesses future crimes so they can be stopped in time , before the crimes can happen . The movie is a good combination between the world of tomorrow and the experimental concepts that are presented in the movie , even lexus designed a special car that was designed for the city of the year 2054 .
What is interesting as a concept is the dystopian world in withc the action takes place , but in the same time as a science fiction writer is hard not to fall in this kind of segmnent where you describe a series of events placed in the futiure , you have to create a world and sometimes you can be utopic or dystopic in your writings .

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