Sunday, September 23, 2007

THX 2007

What else to say ... It was amazing two days of visuals , Dj's and incredible interactive art work from worlf famous artists and artist associations .
The mail focus was a hibrydone it was a festivel where the main level of interaction between the viewer and the "art " was on an audio-visual taking the role of a person that is just passing trough the main streets of The Hague ( a city that at firts glimpse is small and govermental but as soon you start walking trough it you realize that things are fresh , young and international , lot of places where you can hang out and have a good time with interesting people ) you are bombarded by projections with all sort of images , light instalation and sounds that are in rithm with the light , the whole center area of the city became a big urban event that gatherd people from all around the city .
As a feeling was intense things happende at the same time in a lot of venues so you where obliged to make a personal program for every evning . Anauther interesting thing was the space ship feeling that I got from walking trough the venues , the cables the computers that where put in some places radomly , the improvised spaces , were all factors that contributed for the creation of this paralel and underground universe that was created every night by the artists that where performing .
This universe made me think about the will and the need of artist and humans in generakl to experss themselfes , a lot of people see the technological part of things but what if an event like this is an expression of something that lies in us what if an animation can be more than an animation for the viewer and the festival is the invisible frame that surrounds and borders events ?
The organizational enviroment was hypercolaborative with a lot of people that prioritized all the event .
I had worked in a pavilon that hosted work by the Berlin based artists , that presented two wors one instalation that implied the transormation af an popular obect into an art instalation that is interacting with the public ( the transoformation was made withe the help of the japanese Nagoya based designer Aki ) and a sreening of an series of animations that where quite interesting as ideea , color , characters and concept. The animations where screen in an unusual space that was the former vault of an bank so you had this inner sanctum feeling .
As a conclusion things where pretty nice and had a lot of fun at the venues .

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