Friday, September 28, 2007


Sometimes by living in student places you can meet a lot of interesting people taht have interesting tastes in musique , art , film and outher social activities related to everydaylife. In an place like this I met a student that was writing his thesis ( he was a writer) and he was fascinated about post modern wriing and texts , modern and contemporary art and cinema , quite an intelectual person but not i the normal sens of the word , why I say that is because in a lot of cases people that tend to be intelectual or have intelectual ideeas or activities sometimes stop talking about literature or movies when they hit themselves to subjects related to anticipation or science fiction in general ,allthow this kind of culture is more or less part of our everyday life and in a lot of cases is a good way to play with oneself's imagination . hen I met him he was looking like a detective and was hiding in the corner of his room writing about all kinds of subjects that he found interesed in , We started talking short about his thesis and about all shorts of subjects . We became friends in a short time because of the big pile of books that where dislayed around the room , all of them where connected to subjects related to art and modern and contemporary culture , we started talking about our studies and all shosrts of subjects that connected us slovly we went trough some art history some literarture subject that he was fancying a lot and he was quite good in it , so we talked about all sorts of subjecst and we compared all sorts of things with all kind of tories , untyil we arrived at science fiction a subject that we found quite nice and we had in common . We started talking about popular teleision series beeing more specifica baout Star trek an we talked about the races that where presented in the movie the races that where inspired by history and where designed after historical characters , the Vulcans where designed after the ancient greeks , the Romuland where designed after the ancient Romans , The Klingons where designed after the former soviet empire so all kinds of caracters and empires where designed after a historical counterpart . So we talked about this marvelous unioverse that was created by the producesr and writers until the discution took abnauter turn and this happende when we started talking about one race that did not have any counterpart on a historical level that meant that it was purely imaginative as a character in the series , that race was the Borg race arace of cyborgs that combined biological tishue with sintethic components , they where functioning on a simple level , they where absorbing and asimilateing every race that was in theyr was interested only in the technology that race was bringing to theyr race . in theyr colective there where no individuals just the colective that was the most important "individual" . Quite an interesting race with a cold and utopian social structure that was the subject of our discution . the borgs where enteties thet were technologicaly improved by theyr counterparts that assimilated them . theyr culture was focused on the collective counciousness that was related to theyr race . The ineresting thig is the fact that each individual has a function in the collective beeing there with a purpose that serves the colective and implicit the individual so therefore we are faced with an utopic sistem that evolves around the individual and the collective in witch the both entities are bound by the common collective values in the borg sistem .
interesting discuttion about social order technology and evoultion , with this occasion I discovered two important things the first one is the fact that science fiction culture is not only a thing that has to be absorbed by our intelect but it can be discussed and used in different situation like the one in witch I was , science fiction worked as a bridce uniting and making two people that outherwise would not comunicate to talk on a high level about a subject that is pure imagination ; and the seccond thing that is important are the words of Marshall Mcluhan that said that the next theritory that will be explored by humans will be" spaceship earth " not the cosmic space and not new universes the "new "is write in front of our eyes and is happening in different forms globalization , companies , turism , culture .

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