Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Is it school that important ? Is a traditional way o studying a subject the only way in witch you can get accepted by the comunity that has the same profession ? Marshall Mcluhan the canadian educator and theorist said at one point that every individual expiriences far more than he understands yet, expirience rather understanding that influences behaviour , back to my question expirience has an important place in the personal developement and in the confreontations that each of us has with practical problems on a daily basis . Afater studying architecture and more recently beeing part of an art school I start seeing the school as a place for dialoue where teoretical problems should be discussed or pushed to the limit of theyr nature . I do not see the school as a means of producing work because everyone has a work ritm or has the option to stop working on a specific subject ; schools are about experimet and theory and in many cases about forming a set of skils thet we will use further in our profession.
In a lot of cases expirience has priority in all shorts of situations . In many cases in the architectural field architects that did not study architecture became more succesfull than people that went on tu study architecture or arts in a traditional way .
More and more I see in a lot of cases somekind of anti academical aproach to the school and university sistem .
Two examples that seem inetersting on two different levels are the exaples of Ken Robinson that talked at the Ted Conference from Monterey Californian and the exaple of Peter Sloterdijk a german philosopher that combines an academic way os seeing philosophy with an antiacademic aproach to philosophical theory .
Ken Robinson from the Ted conference spoke in the lecture that he gave about education and creativity in today's world and about the fact that children go to schol and are educated and thought but the future is uncertain , so how do we know if they are good prepared for the future ?
On a different level Peter Sloterdijk that is an academic turns in his magnus opus entitled Sferes against the academic sistem of todays world and starts dveling in problems concearnig globalisation , greek cosmology and spirituality .
The conclusion af these two persons are related to inteligence , educational enviroment , and the way the problems are seen but I think that everyone has to agree with the fact that creativity do not depends on these factors and it is a total independend part of our beeing .

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