Sunday, September 30, 2007


In all kinds of daily activities we use musique to give a rhythm to life , musique is an important social component and social divider it divides people it generates fashion trends ,haircuts, images , and tipes of body movements or tipes of dances . In the urban culture cubbing and dancing has a strong role clubs becoming places that bring people together in somekind of communion driven by the musique and the tipe of musique that can be found in that place .But what happens musique goes beyond the club scene ,what when musique becomes more that just beat or rhythm and starts rezonateing with our visual imagination and it translates into spmekind of soundskape . Musique can be more than just “musique “ musique can become in a lot of cases a gate to an inner universe that in revolving around your imagination , musique in outher cases can create the same shared mental space that can induce the same feeing to more than one individual . This kind of expirice can make you transcend in anauther universe that is connected to an imaginative world that can be more or less considers a kind of sounddimesion of things . Clubbing is changing in more and more cases we see that musique is mixed with visual expirience that make the group that is inside this kind of enviroment to focus to one singular sound and image generator , that is the DJ and the Vj that is providing the visual platform for the things that are happening keeping a visual rhythm in according to the musical pattern . Musique is becoming more and more important in different social activities because of the fact that multiple events that are held and produced around a subject need to have ambient muqusique that is sourounding the event or presentation . Anauter interesting subject related to musique is the one that looks at the new trends in musique and more specific in electronic musique . In the last few years electronic musique in the clubbing scene .
At one point in a discuttion with one of my teachers from the studium generale ( multidisciplinary subject ) he told me that he vas writing a book on the spirituality found in the electronic musique . After a short discuttion that I had with him I started asking myself questions related to thios kind of approach , Is it real is it a real phenomenon or is just some sort of ilusion created by the buzz around this subject .
I started thinking about connecxions with previous things related to spirituality and musique , and i discoverd that these two subjects are quite related , and musique can produce a sort of mental common space between the people that are participateing to an event . This common mental space can generate a form of emphaty between the people taht are together and it can creeate a form of spirituality . In a lot of cases things can be argued because of the use of sitetichal instruments and sounds that from witch the musique is composed . The fact that musique is sintetich is not necesarily a bad thing humans are sorrounded by syntethic built enviroments that can be more or less cosidered in the same pattern of things but viewed as three dimensional . Auther connections that are quite important to make in this case are the connections related to outher spiritualy charded historical periods like the 60 and the 70'es that where periods that had strong connexions with musique and the link between musique and spirituality the singer in many cases becoming some sort of shaman that trough the concert was making the ritual to happen . In our days this role was taken by the dj that is the person that makes "things happen " and transmites to the croud the sound he takes the role of the shaman that gives people joy and some sort of bounding expirience making them bow in front of the medium not the singer like in the previous times . This kind of expiriece can be reached only trough the mix of human brain power and syntetic machine produced sound thus giving us the medium that is the musique .

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