Monday, December 17, 2007

Surrealism and comic book culture ,

Fantasy can take different forms ; the comic book culture is an example of the parallel universe that imagination has created over the years the books start to have different values and the mix between the images from the drawing board and the dialog bubbles are becoming a new universe that takes life . The comic books have the information implemented is sort of cinematic and in the same time it can be easy for the reader or the person that translates this kind of “books “ into moving images, to understand the epic part of the events . These universes are quite diverse and divided in different genders and types of action . What is fascinating about them are the inhabitants of these comic strips . The characters have super powers and in many cases they can do unusual things that are more or less connected to the real world . In many cases these characters have interesting features , animal , nature related , robotic and hybrid . The universe where the action takes place has the same distorted features making the characters to become interesting and developed in a direction related to the place and universes from where they come . In a lot of cases we can se that some characters have features that are related to their powers and their body structure is changed in the relation with the way they function and the way they act as a character . In a lot of cases the interesting part of the story is the way the environment in witch the characters find themselves shapes the way they act and use their forces , their skin color , the way they look , the fashion that they use . These characters are alive and they interact trough their abilities to make things happen . The way they are concienved by their maker is unique and surrealist because of the way they are as characters and the unique universe where the action is happening . In a lot of cases the characters have a basic human personality because of the way the plot works but their powers are quite different from what human powers seem to be like they have amplified features more hair or special suites that can block or release some of the energy forms that are integrated in them as characters . On a different level some characters have an interesting backround and they can became what they are because of pervious events that happened in their past . The surreal circumstances are part of the way they live and at the same time the universe in witch they live is under the surreal trace
The place where the action takes place is defined by all kinds of adjectives like fictional places, dystopian society or places where man and machine are one . The heroes of these stories live lives that are part of these universes these kinds of things surround them on a level that makes things to take some kind of religious aspects . Their powers are unleashed transforming the places and battles into unreal bizzare energy releases . What is printed is becoming some sort of reality in the way that the people who read and follow these stories putting their imagination to work and expanding them .
There could be some examples of these short stories like the comic book culture from the states or the comic book culture from japan are based on the same type of interesting characters . On a different level these things are part of a bigger set , there are characters that are followed trough multiple story parts , the characters have an epic evolution that can be common or be individual . The comic book term is wrong because of the fact that only cumulated these comics can become a book .

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