Monday, December 24, 2007

About directing .

Making a short video movie and outer things that are related to video art and content in general can be
quite a hard task in some cases . First of all as a strategy there has to be a main concept that makes and unites and can add or reformulate basic cuts and small ideas that can make a difference in the film or video . The construction of such thing can start form a lot of different places . The inspiration of the story writer or the fact that the director has a strong vision about how things can or should be can transform things and make them appear in a new light .
Starting from scratch put's the initiator of the project in a position where he has to concentrate on a range of things that are related to movie making in general . The fact that a movie is basically a bubble that will stay in time,a micro universe in witch a series of actions are happening or are triggered by a certain event or events makes things more difficulty and statement related . The director does not only send out a message under the form of the movie but can also control the story and give a personal impute, adding an individual flair to the final outcome .
There is the also the part in witch the movie making process is considered a form of art because the story is put together the way the footage is edited , locations , characters , clothing and the way the acting is done ( the acting represents a big percent of the success of a movie) are elements that count .
There are many categories of movies from science fiction to psychological dramas and movie that combine all kinds of puzzled elements but the thing that is quite important as general approach is the way a movie or the content of the movie associates with the viewer . The viewer is the final and the in many cases the most important factor that determines the way and the evolution a movie or a video clip
is going to make a difference . The way the viewer is digesting the information has a quite an importance and this is the place where the mastermind of the director can be seen and judged .
A movie can generate an intermediate and invisible presence between the screen and the viewer transforming the movie theater in a hot place full of different mind states and moods . In the same time it offers to the viewer the possibility of choosing a side and self relate with characters that are caught in the series of events that generate the main story line .
A director has the task to take the viewer on the unknown tehritor of the universe that is presented in the movie defining proportions and personalities trough the tools that are at hand in his position . A movie in the same time is a complex mix of concept with technology in our days we see directors that are producing movies with the help of computer technology and we see directors that make an anti statement to this way of indoor production feeling the need of real sets and real locations for their stories because (back to the basics) a director is a story teller that puts out a story trough the medium of movie making .
The viewer is under the spell of the director for a short period of time making the experience of watching a sort of trance experience in witch the viewer has a strong impute of information. Because the experience of watching is static on a physical level but dynamic on the level of perception , the movie is a metal infusion of actions ,images, musique and characters that caught in the series of events that are edited by the director .
Because a movie does not require the imagination of the viewer like a theater play does in some cases the canvas on witch the director works is becoming much broader ; in this way the director becoming the first true postmodern artist because of the fact that he has to manage all the information that is creates the movie .
From a personal point of view a movie is a composition of elements that have the purpose of transmitting the story and making the characters , locations , events and soundtrack to blend together in a singular type of vision that gives the needed impute to the viewer ; because in a lot of cases the events can be much more strongly presented trough one sight or one eye that makes in this way the association between reality and fiction more palpable .

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