Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Disapointement ,

Living in Amsterdam makes one to become an opened minded person in all kinds of directions ; the city brings together different races and different people from all kinds of places thus creating a strong mixture . On the other hand the fact that a lot of things are tolerated and allowed , makes the mix of cultures, behavior typology and lifestyles more interesting and sometimes weird for the people from outside . Amsterdam is not a big city compared with outer world cities but it has a strong identity because of the mix of cultures and the continuous cultural events that are happening with a sort of periodicity in different places . People generate this kinds of events and in a lot of cases make the best out of them . So in this scene the medium educated person should realize the fact that people in general can express themselves in all kinds of different ways , and have the need to express and create from a group to their personal identity because of the fact that the Amsterdam scene varies so much .
From the ancient times people expressed themselves trough body painting , piercing , tattoos , hair style and make up , clothing or rituals the fact that they are part of a group or the fact that they are simply different from a group . In a lot of cases the search for individuality of one can generate an
entire new cultural current .
Last weekend it happened an interesting thing that caught my attention . I was out partying at the last Raw party from this year , a party where usually there is a high mixture of people that express themselves in an different way . They are the people that create the party scene of the city and they are not afraid to show more that the rest who they are and implicitly what they like . I came at the party after twelve o clock and it was already full the musique was good and vibrant and everyone was having fun , talking , chilling or dancing . I went to the bar and ordered a beer and went to the dance floor to enter in the party mood and worm up myself ; I lit up a cigarette and started to pay attention to the musique and to the people around me . At one point i found a place near the dance floor that was not so crowded and I parked there . The Dj was amazing and behind him two people one male and one female where entertaining themselves on the rithm of the musique . The girl was dressed unusual in an dress that was home designed (the designer was behind her and the dj booth ) and the boy was half naked with a blond punk haircut and some piercing and make up . This kind of view is normal for an raw party so i was not intrigued by their look , what intrigued me was the comment that I heard when another guy with a punk haircut and with some chains and interesting costume passed in front of me . The comment was “what the fuck !!!” ; I turned to my left instinctively to see who make the comment ...now usually do not judge people but the guy that made the comment was a pathetic “party animal “...
he was the classic corner dancer that dances half of the night looking at the floor and with half of his shirt opened . for a moment I thought that I'm not in Amsterdam I thought that I'm again at the school parties or the neighborhood parties at witch I attended when I was younger , parties at witch everyone was looking visually in the same way or everyone was part of the same trend ...
In a few seconds my brain filled up with questions .. and related to the comment that I just heard . I did not say anything I just changed position and started asking myself all kinds of things . I one person not allowed to express itself trough piercings or make up or strage haircuts . In the world of today we see a lot of people that express the fact that they belong to a type of urban culture like hip- hop culture that is a movement or the punk , queer , rock and rasta that is more or less part of the world that surrounds us . Why are these people considered by some to be mutants of weird ? just because one hair cut or just because of the fact that they were piercings in places that outer people do not even dream ?
In a place where tolerance has a different meaning than in general and where bigger sins are committed than just having piercings and different haircuts you hear this commentary “what the f**k!!” . The only thing that one can do is to mirror back the question and make the “ what the f**k “person become the freak in the show .

Let's dance !

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