Monday, December 24, 2007

Fragmentation ,

Fragmentation has many reasons ; trends , fashion , movies , food , lifestyle , smoking or the way people interact . More and more we live in a fragmented universe where one has to act in many many situations as a puzzle composer putting things together to have some sort of outcome . We see thin phenomenon happening from music, where things are recomposed in tunes that consist from the mixing of a number of different tracks to the way products are sold and advertising works making connections between all kinds of different events that at first sight are not connected in any way . Fragmentation in many cases determines some sort of social order and makes people come together according to their interests in one subject or event . The puzzle of reality does not stop here on the contrary as more deeper we go n a subject in a lot of cases we discover that things are dispersed in a lot of directions . One of the first philosophers who saw the fact that things are fragmented was Derrida a french philosopher with a controversial life and background but interesting theories for a period when things where seen quite homogene by a lot of outer philosophers . His theories caught the attention of people outside Europe and especially in the political active campuses from the united states where people where experimenting in that period with all kinds of ideas related to philosophy , politics and social order . His concepts where taken forward and became part of many theories related to architecture and art . The deconstruction of an event became construction in a different field and from a postmodern view they became updated in the present time when a lot of scholars are seeing the logic in ideas that where not logical in the beginnings .
In the same time a lot of contemporary artists are working with the idea of fragmentation in their work applying the concept on a certain subject and on their work in general recomposing different elements that are already there as part of their past work in new pieces of outcome . In many cases there is a desire of staying original so the inspiration for the future work is searched in the past one and the future outcome becomes a reinterpretation of the past . The answer to the question that is put in these cases is related to the way people or artists , designers or outer people that work in a creative industry is why to use past work ? is there some kind of fear sentiment related to the fact that originality is becoming an more and more transparent set of ideas or the fact that this way of working with things can become a sort of protection system against the critics and the people that are forging outer peoples ideas.
fragmentation is present everywhere from the way media is working transforming one person in a godlike creature , a superstar that is wanted by everyone with a strong aura that makes his or her presence in a place an event in its own right ; to the fact that media has the same reverse power in witch it can go beyond the private factor of one individual and fragment him or her into bits and pieces of information related to his or hers private life and events .
Fragmentation can be a process of going deep into a subject separating different elements and recomposing them in a third
piece of information that can be the total outcome of the process .
In a lot of cases the way a concept it is made is basically a fragmentation action up on a given subject that is transformend in the so called concept or start idea .

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