Friday, August 10, 2007

Lets dance

Amsterdam parties can be quite crazy , lots of fun and nice Djing , this year I went to a lot of interesting partyes , ranging from squad partyes held in former industryal building on the outside of Amsterdam to good clubs with Dj's that you can only dream about , and a lot of nice visuals.. so for the eyes Vj 00-Kaap ,Vj urbi et orbi , Vj Mikhal Butink, Vj De Beeldfabriek , Vj Visuals Kitchen from Belgium , andfor the ears, musique that ranges from minimal , electro pop , tehno, disco house and electroclash ....the dance culture is quite strong here first of all because this area of europe has the highest mixtrure of races and people from all over Europe ( the area between Belgium until north of Amsterdam is called the Holocore because of the high density and because of the high cultural mix between people from all over the EU ) . Outher major dance events are I Love tehno ( belgium) ,Sensations(Amsterdam) ,Dance Valley ( Amsterdam ) and the AD 07 Amsterdam Dance Event that is one of the major festivals with an impresive range of dance musique here are some of the names : Adultnapper (us), Live: Alpha Omega (uk), Live: Alter Ego (de), Andy Norman (uk), Andy Stott (uk), Benjamin Bates (nl), Live: Bogusman (be), Dave Clarke (uk), Dave Vega (de), Live: David Gilmour Girls (nl), Dennis Ferrer (us), Digital Mystikz (uk), Dirt Crew (de), DJ Andy Daniels (uk), DJ Benno Blome (de), DJ’s Dash & Bx (uk), DJ Eddie Argos (uk), DJ FeatureCast ( uk), DJ $jammie the Mon€y (nl), DJ Joyce Muniz (br), DJ Marcelle (nl), DJ Sun-E (nl), & Dexon (nl), Live: Ebola (uk), Live: Electric kettle (f), Fedde Le Grand (nl),What is interesting about the festival is not only that there are a lot of Dj's but the fact that there is also a conference that is dedicated and works as a platform for the people that are interested in electronic musique in general so .. not only musique but also interaction.
If you are not a fan or have different tastes you can also go have a nice a quiet evning enjoing the sounds of a wiked jazz evening

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