Sunday, August 12, 2007

Goeing back

How to stop thinking , the reason for this question is the fact that I'm returning home for a short vacantion wich will be quite unpredictable because I theink that a lit of things changed in Romania because first of all because of the long expected entering of Romania in the EU . I do not know what to think about this because I allready know how romanians are seen in the west ..... and It is not a verry good image , regarding my person I can say that what I noticed was that there where multiple filters trough I was seen in Holland and in the outher parts of Europe ...Althow it is a small country the nederlands has a big cultural and racial mix and the place where I studied had the same international feeling there whare people from all around EU , Japan and Iran, irak etc .. strange mixure .. In a way a creative isotope but in the same time quite unstable .. so I tried to find my own way trough this mix , I thought that the best expiririence that I can have is to go and search on my own the things that I'm interested in ; So i went and visited things that im interested in like the offices of Mvrdv , Oma , UN studios and buildings made by them like the Silodam building that is part of an exibition at this time called "Seeing is Knowing" , Kunsthall by Oma that is a beautiful modern bulding with straong accentuated proportions and it goes hand in hand with the highway feeling of the site where it is built . What suprised me was the fact that I had stayed for a while in a student building that was basicaly a container , after I had left the place I found out that it was a Mvrdv project for student housing ... anyway it was qite an expirience living on the containers and beeing sorounded by old ships and industrial wharehouses .

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