Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Missing a nice party can bring back good memories here are some photos from Ms Stbnitz a german boat that cruises the north sea , in search for party people and cozy docks . The inside structure of the ship is transformed into three big rooms that are three levels high . Also the form of the ship improves the acoustics thus making the ship a great location for concerts and live experiments besides the ususal Dj-ing .Also the fact that the ship is moving from place to place makes the place to be refreshed each time that it comes back to one location . This nomad style of clubbing can transform the ship into a cultural hub displacing in a way habits from one place and bringing them into a new space . The agenda of Stubnitz is crowded with nice dj's ; a good balance between the commercial and underground electronic scene can transform a usual evening into a comfortable experience .

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Weary with the Crowd said...

I like how Marian described the ship as looking for things. Very alive like that legend in the Bible with the big fish.