Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Summer made things interesting . Meeting friends and traveling around Frankfurt , Berlin , Holland and outer countries that have a lot to offer for both a simple tourist and as an architectural scene and scene for things to happen . If one is travels for an period of time from city to city can realize the fact that one place is different from the outer in all ways and the only connection between the places the people and the rest of the daily life elements is the culture flow and the culture of the place . Things can be seen in fragments , details , big picture , speed , sound , history and the continuous space that accommodates and defines the innerspace of the city and gives the place the felling of what it actually is .
The places that where part of the summer trip where cities like Berlin, Frankfurt , Prague , and outer cities from the Nederlands that have a significant architecture or that barry a strong mark as history . Berlin was on the list of visited places and going there made a lot of things to be seen in a critical light . The city is architecturally split in two parts the traces of history are evident and strong and can be seen clearly from above . Outer visits where part of the daily program and became focused on the architecture of the place witch was visited . The interesting part of a trip like this is the fact that in a lot of cases one can see interesting buildings and architecture popping everywhere with a surprise element that makes things look interesting and different from a lot of angles . In this way one can see the architectural process and understand the way things work and the way theory relates to the build environment of the world . Another element that can be taken in consideration is the fact that being exposed to buildings and interesting architecture you can see the process of building and the way things take shape and are shaped from the beginning of the construction to the end of it . In these cases things can also be seen as a a progression from a micro universe to a macro space that is the build space . In this way observation can be considered important and normal in looking for the answers in how to build architecture and what can be seen as the motion of building and the changes that can appear in the way a building takes shape .

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