Friday, November 23, 2007


It is said that advertising is the highest form o art , can that be true in a world of media saturated society , is the line between fine art , high art , art in general and advertising becoming blurred by the need to find new means to comunicate with the public , the consumers . Advertising starts to become a multifunctional medium , some of its functions are classic and practical like the need to express one products features and to convince or to trigger in the buyer the need, desire of having , possesing the object , product that is presented trough the campaign . The ad's started to take many forms and many directions because of the fact that in this world too trends can become important and can start giving directions to visual presentation of one specific object . Adverising can be self ironic funny serious and playful , the ad is a filter for presentation trough witch the bridge between the producer and the buyer is made . The fact that adverising is considerd the “highest form of art “ ( Andy Warhol quote ) makes me wander about what is advertising in reality . Advertising has become more than a simple tool with witch we are selling our products , advetising has reached peaks that are far beyond what advertising meant to be . In our days advertising started to link things objects , events and people that have mess apeal and are public figures , the industry of selling things is in a perpetual search for new strategies for selling things . Advertising has become a paralel world that is connected to the conumerist society . in this world people are triing to blend things ,create and recrearte things in different stiles , it is a process that requires a deep understanding of human nature and estetic notions about composition image and culture . Advertising ca give a direction to culture in our days because things are becoming more and more related to visual culture the normal notion of what culture means is under the presure of different elements and factors like globalization , digital age and the cultural remix that is produced because of the liberty of travel and moving from one point to the outer in this new world that has no more classical borders . Advertisind in a lot of cases is criticized because of the fact that its function is to produce more desire for consuming products and this in a world that is slowly becoming saturated with products like the USA that starts to have a new identity because of the way shopping and consumtion have penetrated the counciosness of society .
Adevertising has some good sides too because it can become identity creator in a world where identity is a serious issue because of the mutations that are happening in today's society because of the globalization process . In some cases we are what we consume and staying original and different is becoming harder and harder in a world where everyone is more and more individualistic and diverse . diversity is becoming the new uniformization society is becoming a fragment from a Jackson Pollok painting where the basic rules are chaos and the mix of colors and drips that can be metaphoricaly seen as individuals . We like in a world where we are constantly bombarded by all kinds of images that make us buy , change , aspire and redefine ourselfes in new ways that are related to personal . In more and more cases things tend to go in the inner world of the buyer the advertising creators have to cover with the ad's two main areas the general ( mass appeal ) and the individual ( the ad has to adress in the same time to the mass and to the individual ) .
Advertising is still young and it is still developing and finding new ways of expression and new places from where to take inspiration .” Ads are the cave art of the twentieth century”. ( Marshall Mcluhan )

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